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  • Dry Ice + Abrasive at the same time
  • Faster cleaning
  • Excellent for very dificult to remove contaminat
  • Faster clean up
  • Only 10 -15% abrasive to dry ice
  • 75 - 150 micron bead
  • Ideal for surface preperation
  • Effective and not too aggresive


Across the range of the ICEsonic dry ice blasters is the optional ICEsonic + Technology offering the ability to dry ice blast and abrasive blast simultaneously. Operators wanting the most versatility in use should consider the ICEsonic + versions.



Advantages of the Dry Ice + Technology

  • Saving on a dry ice
  • Faster cleaning than dry ice alone
  • Removing “stubborn” contamination which dry ice blasting alone will not remove
  • Reduced clean up time compared to garnet,grits,soda etc
  • Reduced waste disposal – conventional sandblast generates up to 50 times more waste to be disposed of
  • Choice of abrasive blasting or dry ice blasting on the same machine.
  • More powerful and faster blast cleaning method compared to the individual cleaning methods separately.

How Does It Work?

The ICEsonic DRY ICE + module is simply attached to the dry ice blaster, blasting hose and dry ice blasting gun. The abrasive is added into the container and by opening valve the desired quantity abrasive flow will be set. By pulling the trigger on the blasting gun, abrasive induced into the stream of dry ice. The ICEsonic DRY ICE + modules are available for single hose dry ice blasters (IS75S, IS77S and IS135S), as well as a double hose blasters (Mighty E, IS75 and IS60).

Where Can It Be Used?

The ICEsonic DRY ICE + technology produces clean, satin finish to the SA 2 ½ specification. The surface will not be closed or altered due to the low kinetic energy impact, (unlike high energy produced by sand blasting) which is excellent for NDT. From our tests the best results are obtained by adding 15% to 20% abrasive to the dry ice. This mix generates very low dust pollution; see picture on the right.

A Broad Range Of Applications

As well as the normal applications for the dry ice blasting the ICEsonic + Models can also be used for:-

  • rust removal
  • paint stripping
  • surface preperation prior to welding joints and seams
  • surface coatings removal such as epoxy and galvanizing
  • graffiti removal
  • surface preparation before painting or coating
  • preparation of surfaces for NDT inspection or visual crack detection surface preparation


How Does The ICEsonic Dry Ice + System Compare?

  D I Blasting ICEsonic DryIce + Grit / Sand Blasting
Abrasiveness Low Medium High
Surface Finish Up to SA2 Up to SA2 1/2 SA 2 1/2
Cleaning speed/hour Up to 6m2 Up to 16 m2 Up to 35 m2
Dust/Secondary waste generated Low Low High
Surface Alteration None Minimum High
Equipment Portability Easy Easy Difficult / Dangerous
Ease of Use Easy Easy Difficult / Dangerous

What Type of Abrasive Can Be Used?

The type and size of abrasive used will depend on your application. We would advise use of abrasive particulate from 75 µm to 150 µm. The larger size abrasive (up to 1.5 - 2 mm) can be used; however it will increase chance of a ricochet, hence safety requirements for the specific site will be higher.

What Does An ICEsonic Dry Ice + System Consist Of?

  • ICEsonic Dry Ice Blaster
  • ICEsonic DRY ICE + Technology module. Attached to the Machine.
  • Additional abrasive transport hose
  • A special tungsten carbide nozzle for the standard dry ice cleaning gun.


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Mighty-E+ Dual hose DIB.Powerful cleaning / restoration. Dry ice blast or + abrasive! Compact/portable. Max Pressure 1000 kPa.

IS75S+ Single Hose Dry Ice Blaster + Abrasive Blasting. With 5m Hose. (standard machine)

ICEsonic IS77S+ Fully Electric Single Hose Dry Ice Blasting Machine + Abrasive Blasting - 5m Blasting Hose

ICEsonic-75+ Dual hose dry ice / abrasive blaster. Powerful cleaning / restoration. Compact / portable. Max Pressure 1600 Kpa (230 psi).

* Prices shown are excluding GST